Full Face Snorkeling Mask For Leading Fasional In 2018

Full Face Snorkeling Mask For Leading Fasional In 2018

Type :M2100 Features of the new design full face snorkeling mask: 1, airway upgrade into one out, two float, is equal to the airway changed, breathing more smoothly . 2, the structure of the western face design, but also fit the Westerner's face, anti-fog effect better . 3, TPU and PC...


Type :M2100

Features of the new design full face snorkeling mask:

1, airway upgrade into one out, two float, is equal to the airway changed, breathing more smoothly

2, the structure of the western face design, but also fit the Westerner's face, anti-fog effect better.

3, TPU and PC technology combination, so that work fine and delicate high-end

4, the appearance of more stylish, in line with overseas markets

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